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2019 ArtFad (Fad, international, Barcelona)

2018 National Craft Award (Generalitat de Catalunya)

2012 Bullseye Emerge design cathegory (Bullseye Gallery, Portland, USA)

2012 International Design Award and Public Award ESDI-CIDIC (International, ESDI, Sabadell, Spain)

2011 National Craft Award in Product Cathegory (Fundesarte, Spain)

Reviews of great Chefs


The work developed since 1989 Ester Luesma and Xavier Vega, has positioned his workshop, established in 1991 as one of the current in the world of national and international artisan glass referents.

Ferràn Adrià

Dinnerware modeled with the passion of two people who embody small dreams.

Paco Perez, chef con 5 estrellas Michelin (Miramar, Enoteca, 5 by Paco)

In all my years of experience I had never gotten such a perfect communion with a partner company as Luesma Vega. Its undeniable quality and tremendous creativity have opened many paths.

Albert Adrià, chef dels restaurants Tickets, Pakta, 41ºexperience, Hojasanta i Bodega 1900

Luesmavega has revolutionized the world of haute cuisine dishes with the concept of personalized glass dishes for each chef, congratulations!

Albert Raurich xef del Dos Palillos i cap de cuina de El Bulli

It would have all your plates; Inspiration is for amateurs as the professionals do not have time to stay waiting for inspiration; and you do not need to wait, see and touch is one of your creations for inspiration to flow without the slightest inconvenience!

Jon Giraldo Galeano 2014 Chef de Spoonik