Paco Pérez. The river overflows once a year

From the very beginning, our collaboration with Paco Pérez has been very intense. We started working together in 2011, since then, we have produced pieces and specific collections for Miramar’s (Llançà) degustation menu.
Many of these works were later included in Enoteca’s (Barcelona) and 5 – cinco by Paco Pérez.
The menu at Miramar offers a variety of up to 12 appetizers, each of which requires a specific plate in order to praise the essence of these little treasures. Every single plate is designed to harmonize with the recipes offered in the menu. According to this criteria we can find: Viva México, Coco Thay, El Mar, La Gamba, Junco Marino, Huevos, Ensalada de Hielo o Swarovski.  Sometimes, our plates suggest a shape taken from nature (Coral, Viva México –a Nopal leaf-, El Mar, Swarovski, Iceberg..). Other times, we like to keep things simple and focus on the beauty of the culinary creations, trying to interfere as little as possible with the aesthetics.