Jorge Ruiz’s experience in Luesma & Vega

Jorge Ruiz’s experience in Luesma & Vega

During the last months we have been working with Jorge Ruiz, a young 22 year old sevillian that decided to do his internship in Luesma & Vega.

Jorge is currently studying his last year of the Culinary Arts and Gastronomy Degree in the Basque Culinary Center, where he specialized in the culinary avant-garde.

Before becoming a part of the Luesma & Vega’s team, Jorge had worked in Egaña Oriza Restaurante (Seville), in the Calima restaurant of 2* Michelin Stars (Malaga) and in the prestigious restaurant called Aqua of 3* Michelin Stars (Germany). Parallel to his professional career, Jorge has also developed several projects along some of his classmates, such as the foundation and management of a Pop-Up restaurant.

Prácticas Jorge Ruiz en Luesma&Vega_Proyecto

Because of his class on Design and Gastronomy among other reasons, he choose to take an internship in Luesma & Vega. During this class, Jorge was fascinated by the design world; and he got a work opportunity to explore this interest when Xavi and Ester visited the students from the Basque Culinary Center.

During the four months that Jorge has worked with us, he has been studying and documenting all the creative process of the company since its beginning in the dinnerware’s design world in 2003. Besides, during his stay in Luesma & Vega, he has designed and developed his own china model that is already being used by some gastronomic establishments. He has also investigated a new technique from the glass and gastronomy world that is currently under development.

Jorge concludes that his experience at the company has giving him a broader vision of the culinary world, and it has showed him that it is necessary the fusion and outreach among the different disciplines to achieve the excellence of the final culinary work.