Aponiente & Pakta – Michelins Stars for our clients

Aponiente & Pakta – Michelins Stars for our clients

For more than 83 years, the century-old Michelin Guide has been awarding some of the most sought-after starts, the Michelin Starts, to praise the quality of some of the best gastronomic establishments around the globe.

Luesma&Vega para Aponiente de Ángel León

Last week we witnessed how some restaurant’s hard work was rewarded by obtaining this well-deserved prize. In total 203 stars among 169 Spanish restaurants were awarded. Among those 169, two of our clients were present: Aponiente (Cadiz), by Chef Angel Leon, who was the only one in the list to achieve its second Michelin star and Pakta, by Albert Adrià, that got its well-earned first star.

Núvol, de Luesma&Vega para Aponiente de Ángel León

For the Aponiente restaurant we created Núvol (cloud), a dinnerware set that evokes materials like marble and stone, trying to mimic previously used textures in their courtesy dishes. The design of Núvol was the result of a study looking for ways to exploit other glass industries remains. By melting the remains and creating a new glass sheet from which new plates can be created. Each dish has a different silhouette from each other because of the manufacturing process, this makes every piece to be unique and original. Besides Núvol, Aponiente also uses pieces from our catalogue as Skitx, Neo Barroque, Bamboo, Fuji and Zig Zag.

Luesma&Vega para Aponiente de Ángel León-02

As regards of Pakta, that has gotten its very first star, is an haute Peruvian and Nikkei gastronomy restaurant. A space riddled with warm materials and Japanese and Peruvian details. For the dinnerware to fit into the restaurant’s concept, the selected pieces go from traditional ceramic dishes to the white and pure Luesma&Vega’s dishes, yielding all the attention to the colorful gastronomic elaborations of the chef.

Bambú de Luesma&Vega para Pakta de Albert Adrià

Some of the designs we have created for Pakta were, for example, the nigiri tables with a subtle relief that helps to handle the dishes; courtesy dishes branded with the establishment’s logo; and the smooth hashioki (the chopsticks’ support). We also created a special dish to serve the Peruvian montaditos that evokes the texture of soil with holes, where the montaditos fit. For the Pakta’s sweet world, Albert asked us to make Bamboo, a mimetic piece created from a bamboo leave that he himself gave us. This last piece has become an icon of our work.

Luesma&Vega para Pakta de Albert Adrià