Albert Adrià and Paco Méndez’s Hoja Santa – Luesma & Vega’s dinnerware

Albert Adrià and Paco Méndez’s Hoja Santa – Luesma & Vega’s dinnerware

To enter the Hoja Santa restaurant is to sink into a world of electrifying and powerful flavours and smells. The latest restaurant –for now, because Enigma will open very soon- of the BCN 5.0 group, is a gastronomic space that reinterprets the Mexican cuisine with Paco Méndez in charge. The BCN 5.0 is a business group founded by Albert and Ferran Adrià, and Juan, Carlos, Borja and Pedro Iglesias –owners of Rías de Galicia.

Luesma&Vega_Hoja Santa_Albert Adrià y Paco Méndez

Hoja Santa is the new project of the local haute cuisine –as Albert calls the style of his restaurants such as Tickets (by Albert Adrià) located in the Paral·lel. This new restaurant is like the other establishments of the Catalan chef, conceptualizing the culinary Mexican culture under a language known by all: Albert Adrià’s language.

Luesma&Vega_Hoja Santa_cebiche

The restaurant shares premises with Niño Viejo, the more informal approach to the Mexican cuisine passion, which offers the taquería and antojeríaHoja Santa has a cocktail bar in the entrance area and an open kitchen in the dining room. From every table you can see Paco Méndez and all his team preparing the antojitos, moles and tacos following the “bulli” style offered by the restaurant.

Luesma&Vega_Hoja Santa_sobres

When Albert asked us to collaborate by creating the Hoja Santa’s dinnerware we did not hesitate. The mould used to design the “hoja santa”-the dish emulating the shape of the saint leave, a leave that is commonly used in the Mexican cuisine, is made in different shades of green using Bullseye Glass– was created from a real saint leave that Paco Méndez gave us. A very limited series was produced, and every piece was different from each other. We also provided many other plates adequate for Paco and Albert’s gastronomic selection.

Luesma&Vega_Hoja Santa_hojasanta

In Hoja Santa there is no closed tasting menu, one can follow the waitress’ suggestions that will be adapted to the diner’s preferences after explaining all the ingredients –at the beginning the waitress shows the customers a basket filled with all the products that will be taste throughout the meal- that will come together in perfect harmony between tapas, platillos and moles. Not having a tasting menu does not set back the coherence between the dishes and the plates since every plate has been chosen by the Hoja Santa team and comes together perfectly with the gastronomic element to be plated up.

Luesma&Vega_Hoja Santa_tacos lengua

Every diner that sits at any of the different tables in Hoja Santa will enjoy some haute Mexican cuisine and an excellent service, in a very pleasant environment and with some superb views, where the magnificent Paco Mendez’s cooks create the culinary inventions that are served in a very orderly and unstoppable fashion.

Luesma&Vega_Hoja Santa_tacos